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Core Process Psychotherapy - Being in the Now...

Core Process Psychotherapy is an integrative, holistic and mindfulness based approach which draws on Western psychotherapeutic methods and Buddhist understanding. Buddhism is an ancient philosophy where mindfulness practice and meditation were key methods to uncovering an understanding of the nature of reality through our experience. There is no need for the client or therapist to be a practising Buddhist or have any religious beliefs to benefit from Core Process Psychotherapy. The approach is compatible and respectful of all religious and spiritual faiths and of non religious beliefs. It simply draws from the immense benefits of ancient Buddhist wisdom, in particular mindful awareness.

The emphasis is on how we experience and relate to the world around us and how this subtly yet profoundly influences our day to day life experiences. Sometimes, through past experiences, we have unconsciously learned great ways to cope with the difficulties life can throw at us. Some of these ways can be helpful to us throughout life and can be a source of strength and sustenance. However there can be some other ways we have learned that have become unhelpful to us and we can learn to recognise these with self compassion and self awareness. Rather than directly deconstruct these unhelpful ways, we can tap into a deeper source of natural health which can then allow us to rest in a place of presence where we no longer rely on unhelpful ways of being in the world. This can often bring peace to an unsettled mind. This can also make way for new energies to be released for us to become more fully alive

This allows the opportunity to experience ourself more authentically and reach a deeper fullness and aliveness of being our true self.

The joint exploration allows us to get in touch with our innermost feelings and tap into the subtle and powerful energies that influence our ways of being in the world.

This journey can be an empowering experience as we discover a fuller sense of our being and new ways of living and relating to others.

I also integrate and draw from other therapeutic approaches, depending on each client 's needs, such as cognitive behavioural therapy ( CBT), dream work and inter-generational work.

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