Psychotherapy & Counselling in Maidenhead

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Core Process Psychotherapy - Being in the Now...

People seek psychotherapy for many different reasons. Initially you may just wish to have some space and for someone to listen to your difficulties in a confidential and safe environment.

Here are some of the most common reasons people wish to come and see a psychotherapist:

Experiencing difficulties with...
◾Anxiety or panic attacks
◾Mood swings
◾Sexuality and gender
◾Eating disorders
◾Obsessive compulsive behaviours
◾Difficulties at work or redundancy
◾Life changing events
◾A feeling of being stuck, difficulty making life decisions
◾A feeling of meaninglessness, of emptiness or of feeling cut-off
◾Overwhelming feelings

I welcome diversity and working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.

In joint practice with the therapist, healing can arise by bearing witness to our subtle process of becoming the person we are, which occurs in each moment. Our inner core state of being and health can be gently uncovered, thus allowing us to get in touch with our true whole nature. This can bring peace to an unsettled mind. This can also allow space to open up for us to experience our self & our life more fully.

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